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Anmerkung zum Eigennamen VR

Auf der Suche nach den Eigennamen der verschiedenen europäischen Eisenbahngesellschaften bekam ich folgenden Hinweis betreffs VR:

Since 1862 there has been railways in Finland. In the beginning the name was "Suomen Valtionrautatiet" (Finnish State Railways). In people's mouth the long name was shortened to VR standing for "Valtionrautatiet" (State Railways). However, on 1 July 1995 VR transformed from state agency to a joint-stock company. VR-Group Ltd (or Finnish Railways) went into operation and replaced the Finnish State Railways. So the company name is now VR but officially it doesn't stand for anything. Naturally it has it's roots in history as an established abbreviation of the Finnish railways.

With best regards,

VR-Group Ltd
Corporate communications

Markku Parkkonen
Manager. Library and documentation service